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  1. The connections on the rear of the laptop. Dougy
  2. Now for the Fax/ printer that came with the laptop, but I'm not sure if the two go together. Thats the printer/fax. Next post the connections on the laptop. Dougy
  3. Managed to take some more/better pics of my Lxi laptop and printer, sorry there are quite a few but I hope they are of interest. Thats the laptop I'll do the printer/fax machine in a separate post. Dougy
  4. Sorry, not the best pics, but I think its the same drive... The part No etc... Showing the terminals... But it came in one of these... And it works! Well works for a bit then the screen goes "fuzzy"! Have got a printer that came with it, but unfortunately no pics to hand! Dougy
  5. Spotted outside Worcester Warriors Rugby Ground tonight Have left the link on the image as more pics on my photobucket page if anyone interested. Dougy
  6. Hello All, I have had these two bits of "radio" equipment kicking around in my garage for a while now. Can anyone tell me what they are or what systems they belong too. I doubt they are related to each other, guess from different system? Thanks for any info Dougy
  7. Hello All, Came across this pic of this Commander, I have a few other ones of the same vehicle just need to scan them and post. Believe they were taken about the mid nineties. Dougy
  8. Hello All, I have been a bit naughty and just got around to reading my latest plains update, and was shocked to hear about Dave, but came straight on here and hunted down this thread, and am pleased to see from your comments Dave you are on the mend. It will be good to see you all at the weekend, my boy and I are really looking forward to it, but please Dave take it easy. I will pitch my tent next to DaveP, as he did a good spread at Beltring, cheese, crackers and wine! Get well Dave, see you all at the weekend. Dougy
  9. Hi All, Thanks for the info, I will pass it on. Has anyone got any more info on the type of repair CL1? or the "type" Neither my lightweight or 432 ever showed any signs of data plates, and i had them both direct (as possible) from the MOD. I know it seems my lightweight was a bit of an oddball, with some holes in weird places, but the seat box shows no signs of holes for a plate, or where it had been. regards Dougy
  10. Hi all, I have been asked by Gary who has contacted me through my fv432 website. On his data plate it has marked on it that it had a CL1 type repair in 1988. Can anyone shed some light on what this would have entailed and where the workshop was/is. And what is a mk2 "type B" ? Just out of curiosity, neither my 432 or my lightweigt seem to have had a data plate, is this common? Thanks in advance for any help and info Regards Dougy
  11. Hi All, Thanks again everyone for the info, I believe the GPMG in the smaller pics on this page is the correct one for a turret mount http://www.fv432.co.uk/wwwfv432couk/armament/GPMGpics.htm It has the fume extractor and smaller barrel lever etc, have some better pics somewhere. Regards Dougy
  12. Hi again All, Chas, your mates 439 looks clean and complete, hope he is pleased with it, and i hope the gens are ok! Good that he got it registered with ease, hope he didn't stretch the truth, (I think it would only take one incident and the MoT would come down on our hobby with a ton of bricks). Just don't make your first voyage on the road, get the feel for it before you do, and take him with you as an extra pair of eyes. Make sure the intercomm is working, makes life so much easier! Roger, I'm not sure if this is the means to raise the mast, seems some sort electric driven pump.
  13. Hi All, thanks for all your replies, has been very informative especially about the spec of the GPMG John. And yes Alan, if that sort of thing was to happen it would happen to me! Going back to the VCR act, if you had a replica prior to it being enforced and you don't meet requirements now, where do you stand, would you no longer be able to display it on your vehicle? Is there documentation that goes along with a replica similar to a deact? Regards Dougy
  14. Hi All, Robin, I think the ones in the tender had a guide price of £6500, if they realisticaly reach it, that is anyones guess. The only way to know for sure is to contact them. As for the masts, it seems funny that there seems to have been a lot of the scam masts for sale recently. There was fv439 RR version sold up there at the last tender with its mast http://www.fv432.co.uk/wwwfv432couk/variants/Fv439%20ptarmigantype1page1.htm I have mentioned earlier in this thread that we saw one with its generators fitted but the sump bungs missing! When you refer to the diesel engi
  15. Hi Robin, this is one of the projects for the fv432 website, but unfortunately it is nowhere near completion. I have answered your request for contact details. It depends on what you class as CES which includes stuff that you will never use or was never used and basic tools to look after the vehicle out of the UK. Have you a particular member of the family that you are interested in? Regards Dougy
  16. Hi All, Just as a matter of interest, regarding 432s. A big batch of them are **EA**. We have been trying to link the hull nos to vrns, mine is 10EA15 with hull number 815. DavePs is 17EA69 with a hull num of 1569, we managed to see 17EA68 and it has a hull num of 1568. Also 08EA41 hull num is 041. Notice any pattern, well we thought so until you go to 05FA68 and it num is F303 ?! And Dave's fv434 01ED15 is 042, but they appear to follow that the block of **ED** allocated to fv434s 01ED15 was the 42nd built. Are you all still awake?????? Regards Dougy
  17. Hi All, Well done Roger, it all seems to be coming together now! Was good to get to see inside the radio relay version. Just need to see a exchange vehicle now. Shame you haven't got any pics of them set up in service Chas, but looking forward to you getting pics of your friends. Yes, Stone they do seem to "loose" some of their kit along the way! But Ferretkitt the one(05FA68) with the stuff piled up in the back had more bits with it, it had the support legs for the scam mast and the frame for the mast was chucked in the back. The interior trim seemed tidier, the other one (17EA68)
  18. Hi All, Excellant pics again Alan. Think the wombat might be stretching the budget to far! Another question for everyone is, would the 432 carry just a standard infantry GPMG, i guess with a tripod, but would it have the heavy duty barrel? All the pics I've seen of them mounted on a 432 have a shoulder butt, so that would suggest standard, but you would have thought the heavier barrel as it would be surely giving support fire. regards Dougy
  19. Hi Iain, I sure there was a weird coloured 432 that went through the sales a year or so ago. Afraid I can't find any pics. There is a pic from the 1st Royal Sussex and 3rd Queens regt coming up on the website in the next couple of days and it states Danish troops riding on a 432, so there can be a connection! I assume you own 17EA83, any chance of a pic for the website? Regards Dougy
  20. Hi Again All, Went to see some 439s today. Was able to see inside the radio relay version. There where two of them and even these had differences. Made a little video, not brilliant lighting but you can get the idea of the inside. Had a closer look at the generaters on one of them, they looked like Onan 3.5kv ones, but diesel. Both had their oil sump bungs missing and one the oil filter missing, seemed odd, do they "kill" them???? Chas, did you say you had pics of the 439s linked up, would be great to see them! Regards Dougy
  21. HI all Even the drivers CPC isnt straight forward. If you take your test after i think it was September this year then you need it, if you had a licence prior to then, you have 5 years to do it. It is 35 hours of training, but can be done in blocks over the 5 years. It has nothing to do with the CPC that you need to hold an operators licence. Regards Dougy
  22. Hi All, Thanks for all your replies. Looks like i need to keep saving and get a real one then! Alan I know someone who had a 432 that had the 50cal mount, it was "real" they fitted them in the 1st Gulf war. Maybe I could get one of those might be cheaper! Regards Dougy
  23. Hi All, i believe you can drive a tractor solo on the new "C" lience. It used to be that a class 2 covered for a 6 and 8 wheeler and class 1 was artic. Now a "C" lets you drive rigid and tractor unit without modification. To tow a trailer you need the "E" bit. Regards Dougy
  24. Hi All, On my Santa list is a GPMG to go on my 432. It seems that a real one is getting further and further from my pocket money budget! I have seen landrovers laden with replica ones over the last show season, so if they can have a couple, maybe my pocket money may stretch to one. I have seen a company "ukfire" i think, but they only seem to do wooden stock or sustained fire ones the last time i looked, plus you seem to have written permission from your great great great great grand parents! Has anyone had any dealings with them? I know there are articles on the VCR Act b
  25. Hi All, Hanno, I think you well find none of the landrovers have any room in them at all (apart from the discovery). When you consider the type of people that are expected to use one, you would have thought the designers would have taken that to the drawing board. I work on a large electric utility companys 110s and they seem to live in theirs. They are all large burley blokes and they carry a lot of kit in the cab with them as they can be out for undetermined amount of time. You have to wedge yourself in and try and get the door shut before you burst out! As for a lightweight, there i
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