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Problem with 24 volt ffr electrics

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This is in Australia for 24 volt FFR


1. you need 2 12 volt battery's

2. Leads to Vehicle Radios are one Negative And One positive ( into a Box and then to Radio mounting trays).

3. a short lead that connects the positive on one battery to the negative on

the other battery and so compleats the circuit of joining the two 12 volt battery's together.



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In our FFRs there are 2 sets of radio batteries connected as described under the body, 2 on the drivers side and 2 on the passengers side plus the vehicles battery 12 volt under the passenger seat(series 2A landrover) There should also be 2 alternators one small for the vehicle and one large for the radio batteries.

Paul Australia

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Hi All, Anyone know what the maximum voltage across the + and - rails at the radio bench of a UK/VRC322 setup with PSU 50 Amp charging the four under bench batteries, and all gear off, [VRC321 radio, lights and the ARF250].


best 73s, Dave G4JHT/EI0DB

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The voltage will be determined by the PSU regulation and battery charge current - my experience of the 50A PSU is that the variation between full load and no load voltage is minimal and most examples are set at 28v. You may find that some kind of charging regulator (or at least current limiter) is desirable if the batteries ever end up deeply discharged as the PSU will trip if its output exceeds 50A by much.





73 de G0OZS

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