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Land rover paint stripping..

paul connor


what is the easiest and cheapest less messy way?


I was going to use a scraper and a heat gun... A wee bit of Nitromors and hopefully that would solve it... is there anything else?


As I dont want to be there for days and up to my arms in chemicals and dust!


discuss :)

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Bear in mind that if you take it all the way back to aluminium, you will need a special primer/undercoat.


When I re-did mine, I simply sanded it all flat so that the new coat had something to get hold of - mind you, the paint wasn't 1/4" thick it was fairly smooth :-D


I may give mine a freshening up, have been trying to sell it for a year now and have come to the conclusion that it's the colour putting people off!

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I have painted about 20 landy's over the years so here's my advice.

Don't bother trying to strip the paint off, it take's forever and is hard work. Get yourself a dual action sander which takes sticky disc's and NOT velcro, velcro discs cost a fortune.

I have just bought a s/h one from ebay for £70.

Use the sander to flat down the paint and then paint straight over it.

Those of you that have seen my landy can see how good it looks and I did it the same way.

I flatted my 110 in about 5 hrs with a sander.

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