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morris commercial c8-at


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finally managed to acquire the portee after months of having no access so ill be starting on it as soon as possible yes its rough any help would be appreciated and if anyone's has any parts in their sheds I'd be interested to know .

first job will be to remove the cab placed on top of the original metal work and remove the timber jib on the back.  








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So today I started the project i removed the auto vac and fuel tank from were the previous owner had put it.

Found some original paint too looks early war bronze green.

I think its too far gone even for the original tank holes in the top and lots of debris inside the tank so will have a new one made up soon 

Hopefully someone on here can help I removed the spot light from the portee which isn't original but I noticed a war department badge on a bracket and was curious to see what it's from.





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No Problem @Listerj123

It's probably the entier light unit. The info came from here, second post down:


Photo credit: 'Air Ministry'.


Good luck with the restoration. (-:

Best Regards,



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Had a very good day on the portee today managed to get the a frame off and the roof which took longer then I expected the previous owner must've made a good job at bolting it too the bottom of the cab.

Also looking for a hopeful identification on the winch been told its off a guy but not so sure has the hand throttle with it aswell 







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Sorry for lack of posting I got stuck in the snow sadly but got back to the portee today and got the winch off. 

Been told its a guy winch if anyone can confirm it that would be great 

Managed to also get the rear body panel off buy removing the 4 bolts on the back.

Looks like the gear box has had the which prop added to it so that will have to be removed when stripped.

Sadly most of the panels and mounts are pattern only as its getting very tasty with rust 






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sorry for it being ages since i last updated not alot has changed managed to get the remains of the cab off with the wings and the radiator finally realised why it weighted so much in its previous life someones added 2 big counter weights to the front 





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sorry for not updating sooner been busy with work.

the last couple of weeks I've managed to remove the winch been told its a from a guy but hoping someone can confirm that.

ive also removed the bulk head and got the engine and gearbox out, on inspection of the sump it looks like the engine has been removed once before as looks like there's sump damage on the bottom 

hopefully by the end off march everything will be sand blasted and primed ready for show season 



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