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Warner socket advice

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I am trying to find information on thenl warner 4 pin socket. My Austin gipsy is fitted with one of these as well as a 12 pin socket..

I am finding conflicting information on these as they seem to be fitted to several vehicles including jeep and champ.. 


Mine has the following 4 pin codes








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On a Champ they  are wired / labelled  GR = Ground (Earth) BK = Brake (Not used originally as no brake lights were fitted) . TL = Tail Lights and SL = Number Plate Light / Convoy Light

The Rover 6, 7 , 8 and 9 Handbook also indicates similar wiring

I think if you look closely R is actually B also  there is a T to the left of L so that terminal is TL so it makes sense

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There was some confusion in the way that some Warner sockets had been connected & I am about to add to that I'm afraid.

EMER VEHICLES GENERAL C 179/1 Misc Instr No.4 March 1956

Corrected this wiring by defining:

TL - Tail lamp
SL - Convoy lamp
GR - Earth
BK - Brake

Sorry if that doesn't correspond to the letters you have on yours.

In November 1962 the EMER was later redesignated as EMER WHEELED VEHICLES A 019 Mod Instr. No.5

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