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Ferret on Ebay in the states, very complete and very expensive

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Having all the bits to work as a Mk1 and Mk2 is really nice and some of the annoying jobs are done, but still far from a prefect specimen.

Sold for just under $44K USD.  With inflation the last couple years, I have no comment on if it's a fair price, but at least a couple people thin it is.


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43 minutes ago, robin craig said:

The price of Ferrets has risen steadily and will continue to do so. They are the smallest street legal family garage storeable and wholly supportable vehicles around

It only takes one  monied person to buy it.

Having seen the price of M274 mules basically double in about the past five years, I'm sure Ferrets will command higher prices at some point.  I'm honestly surprised at how cheap they often are even now.

I do feel this one was on the high side for it's condition compared to the one that sold from Withams recently, but then again, lots of CES, spares, and turn-key has real value to someone with more money than time.  At the start price of $35K USD I was ready to reach for my wallet with the idea of selling the Ferret I now own to defray some of the cost and basically buy-out of having a project.

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