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CVR(T) Spartan stowage questions


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I've see the tow ropes stowed variously, did this change over time or was it by-unit variance?

Internally, I'd like to find a set of brackets for the SLR/FAL/L1A1 rifles, but all the IPC catalogs I can find have been updated to the SA80 so I can't find the brackets or part numbers for those brackets.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

I also notice the manuals describe the boiling vessel plug as being on the bulkhead in front of the section-commander / radio operator, but the IPC doesn't show that.  Pictures of how the boiling vessel socket was mounted would be helpful.  My Spartan became a Sturgeon and I'm trying to roll it back since I don't want to have to make up a pretend MCT.  I'd consider it, but I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get part of the turret still intact.


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Nice find on the rifle clips, I'll see if they will ship internationally.

Interesting, those stowage sketches are yet different than the other layouts I've seen.  They must be the very first series since the wading screens are still shown.

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The picture of the SLR clips was very helpful for identification.  I'd only had pictures of SA80 brackets in Spartans.

Interestingly, I've heard now from a couple brokers that most of the vehicles going to Ukraine are getting stripped of any loose non-essential bits like rifle clips, smoke dischargers, etc. so that the larger dealers are building large mounds of that stuff and it's actually a very good time to buy what in previous times were rare little bits.  Accordingly, I've got some of the SLR brackets on the way.

Thanks again.

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