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Is this a ww2 commer?


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This is for sale in australia. Seller has advertised as a 1942 . 25cwt Q2525

Has a. 4 cyl side valve.

So question is is it ww2?

My googling identifies 15cwt and 30cwt with 6 cyl.

Doesn't have front guards(wings) with cut out for the protection /nudge bar and tow hooks.


any other identifying features - have asked if a data plate on it - no reponse yetScreenshot_20221208-181926.thumb.png.1b54a348b55edc1cda9db998062dac76.pngScreenshot_20221208-181832.thumb.png.99f8d76dc57742c35c15d157f9aa8490.pngScreenshot_20221208-181914.thumb.png.4bbb7d1ca6f92997f935539442a5cd96.pngScreenshot_20221208-181857.thumb.png.dadb4bb95d4576d0959ba5b2ed82e691.png

Anyone help if its ww2 or Post war

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1 hour ago, Nick Johns said:

There were a few pre war civilian 1939 Commers in Oz, but not 1942, UK would not be exporting anything then, more likely its a Post war, 1947/8  Commer Superpoise


thanks had seen that thread 


ive asked seller for any serial number /data plate - if i receive  ill post it up

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Pic of a SMHEA Commer Link www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=13136

The only ex-military Commer I've seen in Australia over 40 + years of looking is a few of the large Q4 4x4 Trucks that came out here during the atomic bomb testing at Maralinga in the 1950s


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