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Andy brown. WW1 air horn

andy brown

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Just a long shot , looking to identify to what this might have been fitted to, a Westinghouse of London England air horn ,the Westinghouse London address signifies that it would have been made during WW1 under licence to the U,S company ,by 1919 there had been a long running court case between the u,s and the UK regarding breach of contract which ended with the UK westinghouse being taken over by Vicers Armstrong ..in the past I've always associated westinghouse with things pneumatic such as braking systems ,ok this appears to be train related , I've had the thing for some time and had associated the fact that because the main block is held together with cap screws ( Allen screws ) which I had long thought were a later 20 century arrival but only recently did I find that (Allen) produced hex cap screws from 1910 ,which bought me to look at this horn in a different light.IMG_20211105_113050061.thumb.jpg.9c6f6188a6b7902b8785680146d567ed.jpgIMG_20211105_141551926.thumb.jpg.4e7268af8ee1fcc6c2d2daf9dad33ea0.jpgIMG_20211108_160751657.thumb.jpg.f509f56a5306883936fc7a87a8be584c.jpg


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2 hours ago, Citroman said:

Is it a pressure horn or a vacuum one?

Westinghouse made also the braking servos for the 1920 Citroen B14 and the C4.

At a guess pressure, London westing house ceased to exist after 1919 ,also the weight with the activating valve is approx 8 kilo having a chain pull activating valve, kind of suggests a railway train .thanks Andy 

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