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If it is purely for use as a preservative it would be in the PX- range of products.

If it was a grease that had underlying lubricating properties it would probably be a miscellaneous grease in the range  XG-

There are also some special greases that have preservation properties to be found the range ZX-

There are quite a lot of these in all categories. Did you have any particular items in mind, SA, MT bits etc or any particular environment?

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Vasalene  ,  Lanolene , Hoover

Cosmoline has been around for so long it's origins were probably a lanolin base from sheep wool.     It was a good organic preservative  - the older stuff has a greenish tinge to the brown, unfortunately for metal it lacked  'de-watering'  properties  -  hence more modern variant sold by a few companies, based from more reliable mineral oils / waxes  -  Shell Oil has a much reduced range of viscosity on offer known as  Ensis Fluid.

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