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Large vehicles side reflectors

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Does any one know if there is any exemption for side reflectors on large vehicles due to age ?

Ie does a scammell explorer or steam road going engine  need them to be road worthy?

hgv testers manual only mentions a certain lay out for them on a vehicle used before 1 April 1986 implying any vehicle needs them?

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Side retro reflector exceptions:-

A vehicle having a maximum speed not exceeding 25 mph;

A goods vehicle–

(a)first used on or after 1st April 1986, the overall length of which does not exceed 6 m; or
(b)first used before 1st April 1986, the overall length of which does not exceed 8 m;

The legislation:-


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Thanks for that the hgv testers manual did not mention exemption because of speed?

so a vehicle that can do over 25 mph and is over 8 metres pre 1 April 1986 needs side reflectors.

surprising no exemption on year ,so things like a hippo and dukw and famo half track would need them on to the pre 1st April 1986 spacing legislation to be road worthy.

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14 minutes ago, oats and barley said:

Surely a dukw is exempt on the over 40 years old or pre 1960 rules ,I think this will be a long thread ,can of worms springs to mind starting with side reflectors ,rear under run , side bars  steer tyres rear fog etc etc .

It shouldn't be a can of worms as long as we don't make it one. Surely.

The 40 years rolling and pre 60 exemptions remove the need for an annual mot test but not the requirement to be legally roadworthy.  Rear underrun and side bars, steer tyres, fog lights are clearly defined and age related and definitely not required on older vehicles. Reflectors should not be an issue.  Famous last words....


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