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Caution Left Hand Drive signs


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We are used to seeing Caution Left Hand Drive etc on the rear of  Jeep hoods when driven on UK roads in WW2. Presumably  such signage was applied in the UK and not on the production line, so if Jeeps were delivered direct to France after D-Day or for that matter any Mediterranean country, or US forces in the Pacific then nothing was written?  Not many photos show the rear of the hood outside the UK or it is lowered so it is hard to tell.

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Not counting the very early  40BRC by Bantam Car ,  the Willys & Ford were crated in standard for and re-assembled in UK - then modifications done to such as electricals  (lighting)  - that was quite heavy relatively speaking .  Caution LHD stencil would be quite light work, I presume for benefit of UK road users, same with lighting  ?.

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