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Stolen Ex-Military Land Rover

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This is the text from Sussex Crimewatch:-

My neighbours vintage landrover was stolen overnight from Lurgashall near Petworth. reg 222 FXJ it is green has ariel mounts and ex military.   Reported to police, more info to follow when I get it.  Edited to add. Short wheelbase, soft top. crime number 47200149159.  A family with a dog were seen hanging around near the vehicle on Friday, nicely spoken woman, southern accent with dark shoulder length hair thin face about 45/50 ish about 5‘4-5’6 ish. The son about 12 rounded face, seemed to have a phone out as if to take pictures along the drive maybe. When challenged said they were picking blackberries, ( they did have a container with them but it looked empty and there is a bush by the driveway.)possibly 2 other childeren one a girl. The  Dog was chocolatey gingerish in colour and looked very like a kelpieXLab, short coat kelpie like face,  it might have been on a blue harness.  The Father/ male had already walked further up the road so no description. Now these people may well be innocent, but just in case someone spots a similar family near a vintage landy it might be worth bearing in mind.

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