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Falklands Lightweight

Skint George

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Can anyone remember the Gloster Saro conversion Lightweights in the Falklands and what happened to them?

i saw one driving away from Mount Pleasant airfield (it might have been called Falkland Islands Stategic Airfield then) in the early 1980's.

The nearside front wing was half hanging off and the noise from it was terrible when it drove over a bump.

I only seen it once and I thought it was a local modification as it was scruffy and looked as rough as a Badgers arse.

There was also a red Lightweight in Stanley that was eventually owned by a REME lad that ended up in Sunderland.

Any word on that?

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Hi Richard. I wonder if the one I saw came back home. The red one I mentioned, I actually saw it in Sunderland parked up. 

The owner was a serving Soldier who 'managed' to get it 'medivaced' to Brize when it was Cast with a load of cast spares. Can't confirm that.

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