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Deciphering Solex Carburettor names


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Good Morning

This is my first post so hopefully I get the etiquette right  :) 

I was wondering if there is any resource that can help decipher Solex carbuettor naming, e.g. ZNHPO, WNHPO, WNEPO etc etc. Since there seems to be a pattern to the names I'm assuming there is some meaning to the lettering.

If anyone could shed some light on it or point me in the direction of a book or online resource etc that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.


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19 minutes ago, Richard Farrant said:

Hi Mike,

This picture will explain the codes of Solex carbs for you:image.png.6d090263ae05fcdcab44f2131df751a2.png


Hi Richard,

Thanks that is really interesting. Can I ask where it is from ?

From it I'd take it that ZNHPO

Z - Dustproof
N - ?
H - Horizontal
P - Pump accelerating/Choke tube
O - Special Starter


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This is from a Solex settings and applications book, dated 1950. As I recall, N was used on certain military applications such as Daimler scout and armoured cars and the Austin Champ. I cannot see any carbs in this book with N in the code as it lists cars, commercials and motorcycles.

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In support of Richard, since L and LS refer to carbs for 'heavy commercial models' I suspect that N refers to the application - possibly military ? I wonder what W stands for. Possibly Waterproof ?


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8 hours ago, minnsey said:


Unless my eyesight is deceiving me W is also missing, again perhaps it is a military specific notation?

I think you will find that any carbs with W in the code are deemed as waterproof as the Zero Starter (cold start device) has its air drawn from the intake rather than open to atmosphere. These carbs would also be predominantly military spec.

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