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Can any one help with the date of a trailer


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An appx date for this from this book I have:

Chilwell Cat. No. 34/173. Illustrated Spare Parts List. Trailers, 1 Ton, 2 Wheeled, GS,
Water Purification, Pigeon Loft, AA Command Post, Gas Welding, Petrol Pumping, Pole Carrying. Apr.1946

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Moving the thread away from trailer dates I know. I cannot see clearly, but trailer appears to have unit marking for the Royal Signals (Air Formation), and with a Union flag might suggest use in Germany or at least outside the UK.  I am restoring a Champ that also had these markings. I understand that this unit marking is still in current use by the 21st Signal Regt.

Would I be correct in thinking that the poles would be used to support communication cables? I understand that Air Formation tasking was to provide communications to RAF units located at temporary or basic airfields with no fixed communications, and therefore relied on connecting via army supplied equipment.





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It would have been a contract for trailers issued with WWII style numbers, then issued with the later style in the batch mention by Wally.  YL was used for re numbered WWII trailers and / or trailers built after the war but prior to the new numbering system being introduced in approx 1948. I cannot answer about the trailer date of manufacture, but I would have thought the YL number was allocated around 1948.

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