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  1. Thanks for the information. whats the best way to flush it out? can i use any sealant?
  2. Morning i want to replace some core plugs on the engine but i have never done it before. i’ve been told to place some grease on a drill bit and drill a hole in the centre then pull out. Then tap the new one in. is this the best way? do i need any sealant when put the new one in? what should i tap the new one in with? any advice or picture would be great thanks
  3. I will take it to my local place and get a price for you both. If you then want one making i will send you a sample of the material.
  4. I have an old cupola cover that i am going to have us to have a new one made. How quick did you need one? what colour are you looking for? the rear sheet is just a rectangle sheet that should be easy to reproduce?
  5. I’m looking for bits for a mw aeroscreen project i will be starting next year. if you have anything your willing to move on please message me with what you have. many thanks
  6. Can any one point me in the right direction to obtain when this order was placed. as I'm trying to work out when my Bedford qlt may have been produced? the book bedford to berlin and beyond dates it around 42 but i’ve been told it could be a 43 based on the contract ledger.
  7. Just got the head and block back ready for the rebuild. Hopefully that goes ok as it will be the first ever rebuild
  8. Just finished the front wheel arch’s just need painting
  9. A few more pictures of the cab started the other said almost there with the bottom half
  10. Its starting to take shape again but still have many hours of fabrication of the cab to go
  11. I think i have a 20cwt trailer it say on the date plate BODY GAS WELDING No 2 mk - gwl cont no23/58658 ser no 21246b when would this have been produced? does anyone have a picture of what it would have looked like? thanks
  12. Hi Ian hope your well. Came across this restoration of yours. The trailer looks like the one i have. Can you Shed any light on this one i have. There is a plaque that says BODY GAS WELDING No 2 mk - gwl cont no23/58658 ser no 21246b
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