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  1. A few more pictures of the cab started the other said almost there with the bottom half
  2. Its starting to take shape again but still have many hours of fabrication of the cab to go
  3. I think i have a 20cwt trailer it say on the date plate BODY GAS WELDING No 2 mk - gwl cont no23/58658 ser no 21246b when would this have been produced? does anyone have a picture of what it would have looked like? thanks
  4. Hi Ian hope your well. Came across this restoration of yours. The trailer looks like the one i have. Can you Shed any light on this one i have. There is a plaque that says BODY GAS WELDING No 2 mk - gwl cont no23/58658 ser no 21246b
  5. The cab as you can see has a few holes in it. I’m trying to save as much of the metal as possible. Had to replace the rear cross member. This is putting my metal forming and welding to the test. Not perfect but i’m happy with the work, it can only get better.
  6. Work so far after a few day. Every time i take a section apart to repair i found more holes.
  7. got a bit of time on my hands at the moment so i’ve finally started the cab repair’s and there is a lot.
  8. Is the radio still available?
  9. I’m looking to replace the bren gun that i had stolen. It was an old deactivation cash waiting. If anyone has one for sale or know’s of one that might be for sale please let me know thanks.
  10. Where is the body located?
  11. Thank you all for the information. i’ve now get a copy of Bedford to berlin i will keep an eye out for the booklet. if any one comes across any pictures or any other information please let me know. thanks again
  12. Hello guys I know this thread was posted some time ago, but I'm looking to how Bedford Ql air portables would have been built, and broken down to transport. Do any of you have a information about this or where I might be able to found any more information out about this? thanks Emerson
  13. I am trying to find information about the Bedford ql's that where changed so they could be stripped down and transported. After pictures? Instructions on how to strip down for transportation? How you could tell which vehicles where air portable? Where the main parts held together using a different method to make the vehicles easy to dismantle? Any information at all would be good? Thanks
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