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Unidentified self-propelled gun - Royal Horse Artillery unit?


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I would be most grateful if anyone can identify the type of vehicle in the attached photo?  and what units would have used it?

Initially, I thought a variation of Universal Carrier, but realised that this is 'off the mark'.

Would it be a Sexton 25-Pounder Self-Propelled Gun?

Any insights welcome!



carrier platoon snip a.jpeg

carrier platoon snip b.jpeg

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P Battery. Can you see the 'white' Gothic letter 'P' up front top side of superstructure?  Pre-1952 VRNs unless the fuzz has affected my capabilty to interpret what I see. Facts so far.

Various internet mumbo jumbo and contradictory 'stuff', even on 'official' sites is from where the following comes from. P Battery was part of 3RHA with 2Pdrs?, 3.7" guns? and most oddly, Sextons early 1940 up until early 1941 (when did the Sexton come into service, everyone asks? Mid-1943 I thought?) when the Battery was incorporated into 6RHA with, Sextons? ... India and Palestine? All articles trip over 6RHA, 6LAA and 6 Fd RA. Where's a 'proper' historian or compos mentis Gunner to be found when one wants one. Hope this helps though it would be much easier if you wanted to know about the post 1952 Lt Stone painted Sextons Mk2 of D, J and M Batteries 3RHA Egypt and Libya 10Armd Div...... I can 'do' them quite easily!

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Here's another thing. Those two Sextons in the photos above are Mk2, not Mk1 in my book. Note the gun muzzle brake, the stowage boxes as part of the rear superstructure,  the Canadian bogies and Canadian dry pin (CDP) tracks. All Mk2 features though it's possible that stowage boxes apart, some of those features may have been on some of the 125 Mk1s built and supplied to the British. Over 2,300 Mk2s were built though I'm not sure if all went to Britain. Portugal got some for sure, India and probably Pakistan too. A shame we can't see the front transmission covers or other frontal formation markings.

This source link is reasonable to get a grounding in Sextons though I bet there are better ones here on the forum, Wally. ;)  http://panzerserra.blogspot.com/2019/04/sexton-mki-25-pounder-spg-case-report.html


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