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Bomb trolley finished!

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great stuff .....some might say " well it's only a little trailer " but I applaud this as much as any restoration of something like a jeep or a tank ...well done  :)....When I was in my teens I worked in a huge old engineering company and they had literally dozens of similar trailers scattered around the massive yard for shifting big and small bits of stuff about behind little industrial tractors we called 'dumpers' ... All of them had come from ex ministry sales after the war including one of the 'dumpers' which I realised many years later was a typical David BRown ex RAF tractor with the huge thick cast iron rear mudguards .

 Good for you for saving something that so many would have walked past in complete disinterest :):):)

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Hello, thankyou for the comments yes they are only trailers but they were important at the time! I've always wanted one & now have 2 & 2 fuel bowsers,I like my farm things but have always had an interest in ww2 RAF for some reason,its something different up here & generates a lot of interest at shows I go to.

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9 hours ago, Bob Grundy said:

I am involved with a B type bomb trolley restoration; where did you get the tyres from ?

Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob I got the tyres as new oldstock from local tyreman who has been in the trade for years & was familiar with older sizes etc unlike some of the newer retailers who were abit clueless n wanted rims taking in ad they were unsure,I wanted a roadtread pattern or as near to it as poss,they came with gaiters n tubes for £40each,he does have 1 left but can get new but prob bit more pricewise.

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