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Triumph 3SW/5SW /pre-war owners


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Jan is producing exact copies of the rear carriers from the sample I loaned him. An awful lot of work and fixtures made for these as you can imagine and here is the nearly finished result. Jan might step in with interesting pictures of the process.  Contact Jan direct or PM me for his details. Ron 

rear carrier.jpg

Rear carrier 2.jpg

Rear carrier 3.jpg

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Finished article picture added.
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Mine ordered and heading to me soon 👍.

Thanks to Jan for the work getting these made, and to Ron for helping to get this project underway.

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OK, promised Ron to add some pictures of the process… Here we go:

Started by making a detailed drawing of the unfolded part: DSCN9695.thumb.JPG.3222f1c41ee7064c2f0426fdeb1c72b2.JPG

Transferred all the dimensions to a sheet:DSCN9700.thumb.JPG.e167725c0a7c5e472f80de12377e3e6b.JPG 

The smallest radius was only ½”, so made these with a puller: DSCN9702.thumb.JPG.5b7523cf454973765f7db0f0802e6891.JPG

Added the contours, cut them roughly with an angle grinder: DSCN9705.thumb.JPG.5ca65f9c7bfd39634967e8cfb64c5e43.JPG

Followed by a shear:DSCN9706.thumb.JPG.85b824d66a05e6bf6e1ef145278038e8.JPG 

Pressed the handgrip with my hydraulic press: DSCN9756.thumb.JPG.aa54032d5e155550034ce45e4acce335.JPGDSCN9758.thumb.JPG.1d69ab2be33ddc704e12d557aeebcbee.JPG

Closed the handgrip in the vice: DSCN9761.thumb.JPG.1fd6c93b2a075eabd785bff3729bfa9e.JPG

Stretched the inside corners over a stake:DSCN9762.thumb.JPG.a30f4666ee31b84d507f0fe55eca5b5b.JPG DSCN9763.thumb.JPG.b8720f1f213c43692b17f9623f60a205.JPG

Shrunk the outside corners over a stake, bent all the sides and made the two small flanges over a stake: DSCN9767.thumb.JPG.a629ff9048949a987305fc83450691ef.JPGDSCN9769.thumb.JPG.a6e35e389f5dd2c40b1b1af4e7af7085.JPG

Added the corners:DSCN9771.thumb.JPG.0e0964d1faa3ccd67b49f65746626b20.JPG 

Made the legs with a purpose made press tool, after cutting the blanks (rectangles) with a shear:DSCN9752.thumb.JPG.039f846cce04779d07bd66731bb06830.JPG 

Assembled everything on a jig and welded the legs to the carrier: DSCN9774.thumb.JPG.a1fcb5c72960cd5444c14cf744585744.JPG

After some cleaning:DSCN9795.thumb.JPG.d67c3202d49cb7ad18b4002e451e6b1e.JPGDSCN9797.thumb.JPG.0274584bdbb9bc9efbc8a11e1347ff6e.JPG


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