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What's This Please


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Hopefully the learned gentry of the forum can identify this socket for me.


Fits on the back of my Tanker, next to the standard NATO trailer socket.


Looks like this under the cover.  It has 3 electric cables in the back.  One is an earth, and the other 2 run off somewhere in the rear light loom.  I say somewhere, the loom is so rotten I can't see where to give myself a clue.

Anyone able to help me?


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From what I remember this is a Warner socket. It predates what is known as the Nato socket. If I’m not mistaken it dates back to the american ww2 system, and was continued in the UK and also in other nations where american equipment was in use. The Bofors 40/70 also had this style of lighting socket, as did towing vehicles such as the Land Rover and Austin champ, Bedford RL and probably anything which came into service in the 40s and 50s.

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Technically I believe this started as a pre-WW2 Warner electric brake coupler socket, but it was universally used on US vehicles as a standard trailer socket from WW2 though to Korea

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3 hours ago, wally dugan said:

This is fv157961 standard trailer socket used  alot in the fifties on b vehicles only functions side and brake lights if l remember correctly 

That would tie up with the 2 cables, one for tail lights and the other for brake lights.

Many thanks for all the replies, Gents.  Least I know what it is, just got to find where it plugs into the rest of the loom, now

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