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1942 Ford GPW Jeep


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Hmmm, 22.000-25.000 GB£ for a 1942 GPW?

I can see that the head of the engine is postwar/CJ2/CJ3, or similar, and question is if the engine block is Ford GPW, it's  doubtful. The body seems straight as an arrow, which begs the question if the body has been replaced at one time? What else is non standard, and "wrong" with it? For that price I would expect factory new condition, nothing else.

Will be interesting to see what it ends up selling for, if it sells, that is (Guess the seller has a reservation price on it?)

I can appreciate all the work that goes into a restoration like this, but aren't prices hitting levels above and beyond the levels of sanity?

My two cents/ ören/ pennies/  centavos, worth

Goran N

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It certainly has a New body tub, later Hotchkiss engine, gear driven cam,  crankshaft double pulley, and a Post war CJ rear axle, semi floating hubs, ...interesting as CJ axles are a different ratio to the front WW2 axle,  be a lot of transmission wind up  if 4wd is selected

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It did not sell it has a buy it now at the lower estimate of £22,000.  about march 2016 anglia car auctions had a really nice GPW a british one, brass REME rebuild data plates fantastic unrestored original condition ,it had failed to meet its £9000 reserve at the january sale so off we went in march, nice hotel viewed friday afternoon, back sat morning, lucky it was a low lot number i went up to £17,600  the auctioneer said go on another £200 i gave up, the next bid bought it plus the fees,I will say they seem a nice bunch at ACA

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