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Chassis no. ageing of a Jeep

Rick W

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Thanks guys, would you get an age related no. plate, if you just had the bare essentials of a vehicle, Im guessing that it would be enough for the MVT/IMPS to verify it, or would it need to have an engine?




MVT/IMPS verification is the easy bit, but that won't get you the age related plate. To get that you need to have it inspected by the DVLA, and they won't do that until it has been MoT'd on the chassis no. Therefore you have to do the whole rebuild/restoration, get an MoT, THEN wait X weeks for an inspection appointment at your local VRO. On the bright side, the regsitration comes through a couple of days later. The reason it has to be MoT'd is that they will issue your 1st VED disc at the same time. They therefore require insurance & MoT doc's. On an even brighter side you can legally drive the vehicle to the VRO for inspection without plates :-D


I went through all this with the MUTT about 4 months ago and it requires patience... :roll:


Also, be VERY careful how you fill in the DVLA forms. There's a very important pitfall to avoid regarding 'country of origin'. PM me if you want more info.


- Mike

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Now Im being a bit thick,. Is there a way on the G503 site to search for any record of a vehicle using just a chassis number.



Those are known numbers and dates. You would need to search for a chassis number close to yours and work the date out. The easiest way is to ask on the forum or if you give me the details I'll ask for you. The more details the better, Chassis, Engine and body number if any.

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If this is an MB chassis then here's some numbers from the link posted above.

170393 DOD 08-28-42

171114 DOD 01-09-42

Yours is very close to the first one so I would say the same DOD, presuming that the info posted is correct.

Looking in AAW Vol2 The closest numbers are

160665 DOD 07-21-42

171238 DOD 02-09-42

You can do a rough calculation of the difference in numbers and work out the amount built per day to get a date.

Using Nabholtz info he gives serial numbers between

135229 - 208024 Apr 42 - feb 43 Contract W3

Frame numbers range

Jul 42 - 163xxx

Aug 42 - 171xxx


Hope that helps

If it's a GPW frame then I'll have to look it all up again. :shake:


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With a lot of help from Paul, he has confirmed my jeep with a date of approx 19th April 1942. Many thanks go to him for his work. It also bears the YH in the registration number which denotes a British use for the vehicle. It has a British chassis plate replacing the Willys plate which is a bit out of the ordinary, I dont know if anyone else has come across this? There will be a chassis up blog to follow on the restorations section.


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Hello Rick


Your MB would be a Canadian Contract 505 Jeep, possibly 28 Aug 1942. 170371 and 170393 are back here in Canada.


This would have had the electric wiper motor, no gas can, possibly no fender light but these all could have been changed or added while in service.

The vehicle could have been left in Britain after the war by the Canadians or traded by the Canadian for jeeps already on the Continent.


If you sand down the sides of the hood carefully you may find the WD number or the tailpanel where the gas can carrier would be. There should be a C at the beginning. This could have been painted over if provided to the British but the number would have remained the same.


You should also have a toggle switch with a data plate, or the holes of on the left side of the steering wheel for the Convoy axle light.


I am collecting Canadian WD, serial numbers and other Canadian Jeep data.





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