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Claiming a bit of land.


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So, last year we arrived on the Saturday before the show finding allmost everything fenced off. This year we also arrive the Saturday before the show (21st)

A official found a tiny spot for us and luckily the French neighbour gave some of his plot.

We were at least very happy to see the plot next to us being used for about 30% used for the entire show. Very ^%$%$# annoying.


So can anyone reserve a spot for us. Driving over to claim a spot a week before is impractible for us Dutch people. The same for our Devon/Cornwall based friend.

We prefer our old spot we were in for about 14 years.

Its in the America's field, on the right when entering it, second road to the right. Right next to the road would be fine, we don't mind some dust or mud next to us. I guess about 10 by 10 METER(ish) should be fine?. I attached a photo with the prefered spot marked. Thanks for anyone able/willing to help.


A sign with "Camp Kohout, NL/GB", would be ideal.  Thanks for considering.

Beltring - kopie.jpg

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Spoke to the organizers earlier this year. They said the first date for entry to the site is the 19th, and if you mark out a spot you have to stay or they will remove the posts and ropes. Whether this happens or not is another thing but hopefully it will stop the marking out of big areas that don't get used until the last few days.

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