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Live from Holland

Jessie The Jeep

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Hi all


Just got to our campsite in Holland after an enjoyable weekend at the Ursel Wings & Wheels show. Pics will have to wait until I'm home and I've worked out what will go to CMV, plus the wireless connection is poor by my tent and I'm currently online from the laundry room!!!


Joris, looking forwards to seeing you soon at Arnhem.


Have fun all,


See ( virtually ) you all soon.



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Lynne is doing your ironing


You are messing about on the computer


and this is some sort of holiday





Sounds like an every day scene in our humble Dorset home :dunno:...


I hope your going out for a 'nice spot of dinner' later and not expecting Lynne to rustle you up a gourmet extravaganza on one a one ring camp stove before trotting of to the river to wash the dishes............... :-D

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No rocks, just about 1200 photos to bring back home.


Re meal, already done that, and we have a two ring ( plus grill ) gas stove, and she did the washing up before the ironing!!!!!! She's well trained. Would have had a BBQ, but it rained while we were food shopping, and Wifey left the tent doors open ( as it was sunny when we left ) so we spent an hour mopping the water out of the tent!!!!! :shake:


Oh well, at least we bought chocolate!!!!!!! Off back to the tent now to pig out.



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