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RAF Vehicle Identity Required


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When my father transfered from the Army desert salvage, to the RAF air sea rescue. They did not have many spares, he knew where some Napier Lion engines were buried in the desert and they went and dug them up.Using them in the boats.  It could have been an area used and vacated by 40 ASP. I also remember him saying he had watched an amunition dump being blown up to deny the stocks to the enemy, He watched the shock wave travel accross the desert floor. I have got singed eybrows just watching the video about Hot Forging, working in those conditiond day after day.

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Old post - but I found a photo of a Vulcan 14 Seat Coach and the engine looked a reasonable match for the RAF Horsebox posted above - plus the wheels in this attached photo suggest bigger wheels at the front - but this may be an optical illusion as in the photo I'm trying to identify. Could the RAF horsebox be a Vulcan then, as in 1940 it would not be that old if built circa 1926-28.


Vulcan Coach.jpg

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7 hours ago, rupert condick said:


Can any one tell me more about this Austin K2Y.

picture came from the net somewhere.

Taken in Australia, the rego number would be a help or a better picture,

or other ambos used here by the RAF or any RAF Austin K2Ys or Navy





This picture is post 1949 possibly 1952/3. It is RAF Kabrit  which was in the Egyptian Canal Zone afraid I don't have a clearer picture but the reg will be in the  ??AA?? block. note the station name below the roundel


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