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Mucklebrugh Collection

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i have been there many times this time i was armed.....with a camera lol i was there in support of the R/C tank group i am with soi went and got some pics of the real toys.

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0396.jpg[/img]

width=600 height=800http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0394.jpg[/img]

width=600 height=800http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0392.jpg[/img]

width=600 height=800http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0391.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0390.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0389.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0387.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0382.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0377.jpg[/img]

width=600 height=800http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0373.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0369.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0366.jpg[/img]

width=640 height=480http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0363.jpg[/img]

width=600 height=800http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0362.jpg[/img]

width=600 height=800http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r296/lordwyatt666/Reacting/muckleburgh/IMG_0361.jpg[/img]



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Those photos look pretty good to me. Taking the photo from ground level makes the object appear bigger than it is. In the next war movies I'd rather see RC tanks than computer generated stuff. Everytime I watch a movie these days with more than 5 of something you know it's computer generated.


Thanks for sharing the photos.




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as of the rest of this year no, they used to but its been a rough couple of years for the museum, but next year the model group has been invited back to the 100 years of the TA so they may do something then, but when i know more you lot will know more lol

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