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Which bike is this from?


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Evening all,


I bought this fag end rear tail light not long ago but not sure what it’s from it’s a different bracket from the WD/RE’s one, so I’m a bit confused to which motorcycle it’s from, anyone can help it’s much appreciated 

cheers sam






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I don't recognise that lamp but I guess with the number plate slot it's post war?  A Flea didn't have Lucas parts, it was Miller equipped, including the rare Miller tail lamp. Ron


PS I've just been doing some research on the Lucas lamp.... L-WD-MCT1 was the standard Lucas motorcycle tail lamp. Towards the very end of the war when black out conditions were relaxed the number plate illumination slot was added, hence the 'A' for 'Aperture'. But I've never seen that shape fixing bracket before and can only think that it was a revised shape 'post war' to enable easier fitting to a number plate bracket?

Lightweights 404.jpg

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Have never seen that type of Lucas taillamp, do have one in the collection that is flat like this one, but has normal round holes.

Wartime Fleas never had a numberplate or numberplate holder, and like Ron has his, is exactly like mine, and mentioned in the parts lists. (scan at bottom)





After the war a registration plate was needed, and so all sorts of things were added.







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The bike came from a friend a few miles from me. He got a call on day saying the owner of a barn wanted to get rid of all his bikes (Indians, norton’s bsa’s Etc) or he would scrap them so my friend decided with his brother he would take what he could in the small van (the flea mostly complete and the ML engine) and he would come back the following week in a lorry for the rest and when he came back following week they were all gone and the man scrapped the lot.


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