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2 ton screw jack



I picked this up at the week end, a nice 1944 dated jack to go with my Bedford MWC




Is there another part that fits on the extension piece, and what exactly is the extension piece for as it does not have a flat surface on it, only a square hole




image 6.jpg

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There are a couple of slightly different handle assemblies for these jacks. that do the same job in the end.


One has Three square section shafts that fit together londitudily. & are kept together in use by a split pin on a

captive chain. The handle is also metal with a short section welded about three inches from one end. In an upright

position. This makes it easier to operate rapidly.

At the end that goes into the jack squared hole. It is machined in a square shape to fit the jack socket. but the edges are

Rounded, to allow up & down movement. Similar to a CV joint in operation.


The second pattern, is only two section. But each section is longer than the three section shafts but it will end up when

Put together. As the same length.

it has a ring welded on one end. & through this ring, is slipped a tapered wooden handle. & that's it really!....

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