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Zil Moving....


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On the Saturday, Rob's dead Zil turned up on low loader and he left it to our rabble to get it running and off the truck.



Cue yet more heavy rain, we speak no Polish, the drivers speak no english. :-D


Simon Stolly and i some how made it up on to the back then found how hard it was to get back down! Sorted out the batteries and the Truck driver made some nice sparks.


Which ones the Go button?

Got one of the 7litre V8's running but the other would'nt play.


To loaded it they had bodged the fuel supply, got the other one running and left it to the truck driver to back it off the trailer. Bit scary as the middle two sets of wheels are fixed to the chassis, only suspension and steering on ffront and rear axle's. So it drives off mostly level till its left on the two middle axles, rocking with no way of steering it. :-o

We returned later on in the evening to move it to camp. The poor right hand engine wouldnt run with a dodgy fuel pump so Grumpy towed it in with his Militant, Militant Graham leading and Simon blocking us by running out of fuel in the Mog. :roll:


Back in camp, with aching arms from two of us doing the job of the steering pump at the wheel.


Job done.

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