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  1. Just after seeing where you have a MAN KAT 1  4x4.  Have you been able to get a workshop and parts manual, if not, I suggest you join the MAN KAT club and you will be able to download whatever data you require.

  2. I have just brought a MAN Kat1 4x4 if anyone has a workshop manaul or parts catalogue or a MG3 / 42 gun mount ring or the name of parts suppliers I would really appreciate it. . . . . cheers Simon
  3. has anyone got a wiring diagram for RB44...?
  4. WEll DONE!:-D Now just fix it so evertime someone types in war and peace, this page comes up!!! :cool2:
  5. If it had a hard body on the back and was fitted out as camper inside, it could be taxed as as a motor caravan and therefore undergo a normal class 4 mot, could it not?
  6. Any chance of getting a copy from you?
  7. Just Brought the RB44 that was on Eblag last week. has come back from kuwiat with sand and bullet holes and has only done 4300miles. I need some cab bits, winch, radio body, tyres, info, manuals. Can anyone help Please? I have driven this down the road and it drives great, so anyone thinking of getting one don't be put off by rubbish remours! After all it's a 5 ton truck not a rally car.
  8. Hi, I'm interested in getting a RB44 winch with comms pod can any RB44 owners tell me what they are like on/off road, fuel consumption, common faults etc... Cheers Simon
  9. Hi Chaps, my Foden Gun Limber 6x6 is regretfully up for sale, interested parties, please PM me. Its on the road, runs and drives fine, has two living boxes, one fitted as a full kitchen/ shower with cooker two fridges sink etc and the other as a bedroom, I still have the drop sides. The hiab picks the boxes up and a land rover, comes with recon 9 speed g/box in a crate spare wheel and tyres and lots of other stuff. May do a deal on a clean RB44 winch or WHY? Cheers Simon
  10. I was wondering where you had got too Perky, up to no good, no doubt!:cool2: I am planning a Reccy trip to see the site and owner soon and get things underway. The more recovery vehicles, the better!, I think we are going to need them! Young Nik and his Explorer (More Scammels please!) will be there All Militant owners are especially welcome! Withams may be bringing some of their kit to Demo. There is a good chance this could be a weekend camping meeting open to non off roading spectators, who don't want to get their pride and joy dirty, as well as you off road nuts! A dirty crank-up, I mean chill out, if you like. More info soon.
  11. I can confirm that the site is Avon Dassett, it is early days, but with the response I have had so far looks likely to happen. This site will give owners a chance to give their vehicles a serious work out More details posted soon!
  12. The site is to be confirmed and it is early days, I was hoping for your support Rob (and others) Thank you! I hope to make this at least a yearly event, as for camp fires, I don't think there will be a problem. The site I have in mind and have already spoke to with provisional agreement is in South Warwickshire, all tracked stuff welcome, from carriers to Challengers! The site organizer tells me that there is usually enough water to swim a Stolly I will need some recovery kit for casualties, anyone got Militant or Scammell with a big winch? :whistle:
  13. Hello all, this post is to gauge interest in a proposed new event in Springtime (ish) 2011. Please reply to this if you are genuinely interested in coming to this event, as the more numbers I get, the stronger the chance that it will happen. I am currently in talks with the owner of a South Midlands based off road quarry site to hold a Heavy (Unimog, 101 size up) and Tracked off road weekend ! :cool2: I propose that it would be open to all vehicles, Military and Civvy, that are bigger than Land Rover, 4x4 at least or tracked, yes tracked! So if you fancy getting your Stolly, Dodge WC, Foden, Militant, Bedford, 432, Chieftain, Zill, Ferret, Scammell, etc dirty, then get in touch. It would be a pay-in event, however I will try to keep cost down to a minimal, camping will be available, who knows it could turn into a full blown show! Tell me what you want! An Organized truck trail or a fun off roading event? People wanting to come see the fun and and not take part could stay the weekend or day too (space permitting). Firstly, I need feedback, ideas etc..so don't be shy. Cheers Simon
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