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Crossley IGL 3


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Hi Steve I have wiped off as much of the flux as possible as the work has proceeded but where ever it has touched  the steel it has left a rusty stain.

The flux claims to be water soluble . The citric acid should remove the rust staining and hopefully  any remaining flux , if there is still a problem I will wash with baking soda to neutralise any remaining flux  This is all a bit trial and error as I have never made a tank before. Mike

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The fuel gauge needs some attention .The float is connected to a contrate wheel that turns a small gear that rotates a small magnet this turns the needle .

The rest of the gauge is aluminium . The mall gear had a tooth broken and the holding bracket was cracked 

I have a Leinen   L3N lathe which is set up for small gear cutting  using direct indexing  and a spindle mounted on a vertical slide 

I selected a gear cutter that looked about right . turned a brass blank and mounted in the chuck .

The gear has 12 teeth so I set the indexer to the row  with 72 holes and index to every 6th hole

I set the depth by bluing the brass blank and the feeding the cutter in until there is a blue line left that about 5 thou thick on the od of the plank . This can be done by moving between 2 teeth and lower the cutter by a few thou each time. 

When the depth is correct the remaining teeth are cut in a single pass I used a .6 module 8 tooth gear cutter as it was the nearest match to the existing gear 

I now have to make a new frame to replace the broken one and a new needle as the original is missing










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33 minutes ago, Old Bill said:

Thanks Mike. I will try that on my next big soldering project.

I am enjoying the gauge and looking forward to further episodes!

Steve   🙂

The flux I use is acid free and appears to work well .This is the first time that I have used it  https://www.screwfix.com/p/la-co-regular-lead-free-flux-60g/797FH?kpid=797FH&ds_kid=92700055281954514&ds_rl=1249404&gclid=CjwKCAjwpKyYBhB7EiwAU2Hn2aVxgW15hCsrqbBx2FRcqPHW26QaXMG8ZYx-obVUykRJqdqia9U9ahoCFzwQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#product_additional_details_container

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6 hours ago, Citroman said:

You can start in the clock making business. 😉

I do make clocks .but not for sale . When the lorry work shop gets cold I retreat to the machine shop and make clocks 

First picture is a small turret clock with a grasshopper escapement to Wildings design photo 2 is a part built tavern clock and the other pictures show pinion cutting 





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Nice repair I tend to keep away from spring powered clocks and concentrate on weight powered clocks so striped teeth are not so much of a issue. i also have a large collection of early electrical master clocks and gents venturi  water pressure and flow recorders from pumping stations There are just  not enough hours in the day  Mike

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Its been a long time since I last posted as have busy making parts for a variety of early cars mainly for other people including a early Crossley car and . also have purchased a unimog so another toy to play with

Today as the sun decided to shine I pulled the Crossley out of its shed  This is the first time it has sat on all 6 wheels for many years

After giving the floor a good sweep up I pushed it back in . It is very tight and only misses the roof trusses by less than an inch . Will try and get some of the many small jobs finished  this year . I recently made the fuel tank brackets and straps so that is another job done 





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Made some bonnet fittings today I have no idea what the original fixings were as the only bit left was the flange on the bulkhead and the bonnet support on the radiator . The bonnet and sides were made years ago  so this is my take on what it might have been like  It looks ok and is the best way I can think holding the sides in place 






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