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Who is this?


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Can anyone help? We saw this veteran in the Valentine tank, but don't know his name or his history. Can anyone help with info, please?



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A zoomed view of cap badge, label badge and blazer badge offers no clue. To me, the beret looks black, which would suggest RTR, but that is not an RTR tie and none of the badges screams RTR at me.


If the beret is black, my next guess would be that he served in a regiment converted to tanks and restyled as nn Regiment RAC. The blazer badge looks like an 8-pointed star. I cannot think of a post-war cavalry regiment with such as a badge. A couple of new cavalry regiments were created during the war (26 Hussars spring to mind) despite Churchill asking the War Office why, if they weren't simply bumping the number of RTRs, they didn't unamalgamate some of the cavalry regiments merged in 1922 to create for instance 15th Hussars and 19th Hussars by splitting and augmenting 15th/19th Hussars.


They were also a large number of Yeomanry regiments on tanks in the field. When this thought crossed my mind I was instantly reminded of a newspaper article a year ago about "The Man Who Killed Michael Wittmann" who was, IIRC County of London Yeomanry.


So to sum up ... no idea.


(edited because my typing skills with an apple in the other hand are less than adequate)

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