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Yellow electric cable



I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I cannot find anything on it.


The original electrics on my Tanker are all done in that thick rubbery sort of yellow cable that is used in most MV's of the post WW2 era.


Indicator Box.jpg

This is the indicator unit, and you can see the cables aren't that good.


As the plan is to restore her to near original green as possible, a roll of the aforementioned yellow stuff is needed to replace the rotten bits. Anyone know of a supplier?

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Unipren is usually white, have those just faded over time?




The white cable (actually a clear sheath over a glass fibre braid that looks white) is branded 'Nyvin' (or 'Uninyvin') and took over from Unipren, I think in the sixties. Nyvin usually has 'Nyvin and its total conductor size printed at intervals in very small writing along it. It was primarily developed for aircraft and so had full tracability but it is now made in India with rather less quality control!


Unipren was available in a number of colours and sizes but was most often yellow on the 1950s FV range of vehicles though blue was common on Austin Champs.


On FV range vehicles circuits were identified by slieves with printed letters on at each end of each wire but they usually become unreadable by the time we want to play with them. The bullet connectors are available new (X-MOD ltd) but are VERY expensive so save any that can be recycled. The connectors that the bullets plug into are relatively easy to find in the UK though.


Both Nyvin and Unipren crop up new on Ebay sometimes but I found it easier to canibalise unidentifiable MV harness bought from autojumbles.



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Whilst not a direct replacement I have produced a new harness for my Champ using Yellow 28/0.3 17.5Amp PVC cable. 4.8mm heat shrink with the cable identifiers written on with a fine permanent marker before you shrink it on completes the job. Champs appear to have both blue and yellow Unipren harnesses.

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