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Assuming that we are talking about a remote vacuum brake servo are we talking about a Clayton Dewandre or other another make?


Pretty sure I have the setting up instructions for the former, and maybe others too - I will have a look. Even then the master cylinders attached can vary.


As for parts I am not sure if there is much that can go wrong with the servo part, other than a piston failure. Virtually everything else is in "strip clean and carefully reassemble" territory. Provided that the master cylinder is relatively standard refurb kits can be found for them.

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Some post war cars used hydrovac wiper units, early Ford's etc


The word 'hydrovac' is the trade name of a vacuum boosted hydraulic brake unit made by Bendix. The wiper motors were pure and simple vacuum motors.


It is normally the US made trucks that were fitted with Hydrovac, (GMC and the like). British lorries were normally fitted with Clayton Dewandre vacuum units as Paul has mentioned. There are two issues on the Clayton units, one is the leather piston seal either dries out and / or wears out and the other is the rubber seals in the vacuum valve. Adjustment has to be précise if dismantling this part.




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