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  1. Hello Jim, I have some of these if you are still looking for them. Regards Ken
  2. For sale a genuine WW2 British Officers Tent marked J.A 1530 W&C 1944. It comes with poles 2x uprights and a ridge these are reproduction . Asking £350
  3. Wanted an exhaust system for a international Halftrack. Does anyone have one or parts for sale or info of where I can buy one.
  4. For sale a NOS GMC Hydrovac. This fits the very early GMC that have the master cylinder on the outside of the chassis rail. It is a air booster and does not have the brake fluid going through it. I believe it was also fitted to other vehicles ie Chevy. Can be taken down to W&P. Open to offers
  5. I am looking at low loading down to W&P from the Guidlford and wonder if anybody in Hampshire Surrey would be looking to share a low loader. if anybody is in the same situation and has space for a HT please let me know.
  6. Thank you David, a very interesting reply as my engine is also a IHC Halftrack. Regards Ken
  7. Does anybody know anything about the Bugatti factory re building WW2 Engines / vehicles ? I found a re build plate dated 1960 on my engine showing it was re built and a friend has a GMC showing the same thing. I was interested in finding out more about this rebuild factory.
  8. Hello Yannic, welcome to HMVF. you certainly have a nice collection of vehicles. i noticed your location in France, would I be correct in thinking Buggati had a factory in the area during both wars ? Molsheim Alsace or am I completely wrong as I have a engine WW2 that shows it was rebuilt there in 1960. Regards Ken
  9. Yes I should have said its a M9 and I am in Hampshire UK
  10. To start with I am looking for a glove box door for a International Harvester and any other parts that might be available. Please PM me with details.
  11. For sale a GMC engine Stand original stand with castors added. Please note stand is now sold
  12. I have a series 1 Hydrovac for sale. This is the type that was fitted to very early Gmc etc and is a air boaster and does not have brake fluid flowing through it just air. This is a NOS item.
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