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  1. Thank you Noel for identifying this number and yes I have tried the RLC archive and a record does exist
  2. Thanks Wally for your reply and information
  3. Thanks Noel, The vehicle number is 91YW17 Rebuilt overhaul 12/53 chassis number 59693
  4. Can anyone confirm what category of vehicle used YW as the central numbers on post war military plate as I know YH & YJ were jeeps ?
  5. Does anyone have any information or details of the sales that took place at Bordon Hampshire. I believe they started in 1946. is there a record of the sales in 1946 ?
  6. Hello Jim, I have some of these if you are still looking for them. Regards Ken
  7. For sale a genuine WW2 British Officers Tent marked J.A 1530 W&C 1944. It comes with poles 2x uprights and a ridge these are reproduction . Asking £350
  8. Wanted an exhaust system for a international Halftrack. Does anyone have one or parts for sale or info of where I can buy one.
  9. For sale a NOS GMC Hydrovac. This fits the very early GMC that have the master cylinder on the outside of the chassis rail. It is a air booster and does not have the brake fluid going through it. I believe it was also fitted to other vehicles ie Chevy. Can be taken down to W&P. Open to offers
  10. I am looking at low loading down to W&P from the Guidlford and wonder if anybody in Hampshire Surrey would be looking to share a low loader. if anybody is in the same situation and has space for a HT please let me know.
  11. Thank you David, a very interesting reply as my engine is also a IHC Halftrack. Regards Ken
  12. Does anybody know anything about the Bugatti factory re building WW2 Engines / vehicles ? I found a re build plate dated 1960 on my engine showing it was re built and a friend has a GMC showing the same thing. I was interested in finding out more about this rebuild factory.
  13. Hello Yannic, welcome to HMVF. you certainly have a nice collection of vehicles. i noticed your location in France, would I be correct in thinking Buggati had a factory in the area during both wars ? Molsheim Alsace or am I completely wrong as I have a engine WW2 that shows it was rebuilt there in 1960. Regards Ken
  14. Yes I should have said its a M9 and I am in Hampshire UK
  15. To start with I am looking for a glove box door for a International Harvester and any other parts that might be available. Please PM me with details.
  16. For sale a GMC engine Stand original stand with castors added. Please note stand is now sold
  17. I have a series 1 Hydrovac for sale. This is the type that was fitted to very early Gmc etc and is a air boaster and does not have brake fluid flowing through it just air. This is a NOS item.
  18. I wonder if any members have ever seen or known of a German Sturmpionieren for sale before ? It's the German rubber assault boat used on river crossings It is marked Berlin 1940 it comes with its original pump that still works and the boat fully inflates. Any idea of a value for such a rare item ?
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