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Does Anybody Know???


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I have installed a new garden ornament in the front garden - with the approval of Mrs Topdog........

It needs a bit od a repaint so, does anyone know the colour or code etc of the blue that practice munitions are painted?


I bought a Harrier 1000lb bomb from Withams and stuck it upright on a concrete plinth. Just need to repaint it and stick the house number on - jobs a carrot.


If I could remember how to upload a photo I would do it.





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Thanks Adrian, I will try that.


Cheers Chris, whatever lifted the dammed thing would certainly fly one wing low if it unless there were two or it was belly mounted, its bloody heavy!


youd be surprised at how little difference it makes to an aircraft like Tornado or Typhoon. Even loading them isn't much of a problem.


loading Bombs is just one of the many things I do regularly.



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