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1960s British Jerry Cans


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Five 1960s Brit jerry cans for sale. Not trashed, perfectly usable, details as follows:


1967 RTB x 2

1968 RTB

1968 BSC CPW

1969 RG


£7 each - hope they might be of use to someone.

Nothing special or exciting; they are what they are.

Located in west Kent. No idea what they'd cost to post, but unlikely it'd be worthwhile posting them, tbh.

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Firstly, please excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by RTB etc. Secondly I'm looking for 2 for my Militant Tanker, probably the pair of '67 ones. I can collect from you next week if that's convenient. Thanks


RTB was the maker, Richard Thomas & Baldwin, a steel manufacturer in South Wales. BSC was I think, British Steel Corp., not sure on RG, a thought, I wonder if it was Radway Green who made ammunition.

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On a Similar Vein. I am looking for an Ex Bundeswehr Jerry can if anyone can help at all?


They are stamped BUND near the bottom.


Very easy to obtain from Germany of course! But, the shipping makes it very expensive. Just for a 'Can' that

Will most likely be cosmetic/ Asthetic on a vehicle only.


Mike :thanx:

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