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BATUS call sign question

robin craig


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A Ferret bearing the call sign T 29 C in the 1970s would be what role? Directing staff or player?


It would be a player. You'd better look after that one and keep it tidy - looks like you've got the Squadron Sarn't Major's Ferret from B Squadron of an armoured regiment! "Tango" is armour, "2" is the second sub-unit (usually B Squadron for armour) "9" is commander so "T29" would be the squadron leader when using his alternative vehicle (FFR Land Rover or Ferret) while "29A" the 2ic, "2C" the SSM and "29D" the SQMS. I think "29B" would be reserved for a liaison officer, but I'm not sure. The OC would also have a tank which would be "2A" and the 2ic's tank "2B".


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This question was originally posted on a Facebook forum and Robin was kind enough to post it here for me. As I received the answer from him on the original post I was unaware of who answered it. I am indebted to everyone who responded and please know that I am sincere when I say "Thank-you". I do appreciate the information and the fact that Robin was kind enough to post it here for an answer.

Respectfully, CaptMax

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