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Good Evening all,


Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I bought a 1963 Mk1 Ferret just over a year ago. I'm having great fun keeping it going, and recreating what I remember of these vehicles from my youth when my father was attached to 4RTR in Hohne.


Lots of good stuff on this forum which has been very useful so far - thank you!



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Hi Howard and welcome to the forum. Nice to see another ferret owner who has been bitten by the bug. Where are you and what is your ferrets military reg. Looking at my Contract sheets, yours could have been one of 67 made in 1963 starting with 18EA01 up to 18EA67. Is your reg. one of these.

Regards Steve.

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Hello Steve.

The military reg is 01EA63, hull number 3249.2.63, so I guess that's number 3249, February 1963.


Looking at the photocopy of its history card, the contract number is FV506, "DIS" (?) date July 1963.


But its first allocation to a unit seems to be June 1967 - 45 Med Regt RA, BAOR. Either there's a gap in its record, or maybe new vehicles were kept in storage until issued? 4 years seems a long time for it to be doing nothing.



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