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  1. Hello Gents, I am on the hunt for a 1919 browning turret cradle/mount for my Alvis Saracen and rear gun ring. Does anyone know where I can find them? Preferably stateside, but will entertain offers across the pond. Below are some photos I have found of the units I am looking for. I also have what I believe to be a complete L37 GPMG mount for trade from a MK6 Saracen if desired. Also interested in blueprints of mounts and can possibly make a few copies for people if demand is high enough once I have my own or prints.....
  2. WANTED I'm looking to buy a filler neck extension pipe for a Lockheed Brake Master Cylinder as used on the Daimler Ferret Scout Car, shown in the photograph and parts list (Item 15) Lockheed Official part number: LK 16499. (British Military Part Number: LV6MT1/AULK16499. May have been NATO Codified?) Also interested in the filler cap and washers/gaskets.
  3. The people who kindly supplied my stock of Pat Ware’s excellent book have found another box of them, so I’m pleased to say I have another 9 copies for sale. If you’d like one please do privat message me or email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com Alternatively, you can order one through the web at www.motorcycleracer.com/PatWare The price is £69.95 plus postage (UK £3.44, Europe £9.80, Rest of World £13.90) Any questions, please do let me know. Cheers, Graham
  4. Hello folks, Can someone please help me locate the Ferret tachometer cable NSN - I need to replace my broken one. I think they are 11 feet long. Any information appreciated on the type of termination at each end, so that I can get the correct cable made up. Many thanks, Mad Scientist
  5. Hi guys. I have just a handful of ‘as new’ copies of the ‘Ferret Scout Car in Canadian Service’ by Colin MacGregor Stevens (£40 plus postage) and two second hand copies (both in very good condition) of Pat Ware’s excellent Ferret: FV700 Series in British Army Service at £59 + postage. If you are interested, do please message me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com – or you can buy online at: www.motorcycleracer.com/CANADIAN-FERRET for the Canadian book and www.motorcycleracer.com/PatWare for the Pat Ware book.
  6. If you are after Daimler Ferret parts, check out Rob Dove's post on the Daimler Ferret Armoured Scout Car Appreciation Society Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Daimler.Ferret/permalink/10156719993807747/
  7. Hi. I have a selection of In Detail books, plus two about the Ferret Scout Car in British Army and Canadian service. Prices and postage are on the attached JPEG but please do message me if you have any queries. Thanks Graham
  8. Hi guys. With Christmas coming, I thought I'd get a flyer up here so you can see what books I have in stock. If anything appeals, do please message me and we can sort out delivery and payment. Alternatively you can buy them on line at www.motorcycleracer.com/gifts as my wife has let me use her website. Cheers, Graham Military books for sale.pdf
  9. Joining the Pat Ware and In Detail books about Ferrets, we also have some ‘as new’ copies of the ‘Ferret Scout Car in Canadian Service’ by Colin MacGregor Stevens at £40. If you are interested, do please message me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com for postage costs and payment details. Cheers Graham
  10. Hi guys. I’ve received another batch of brand new “In Detail” books and they are excellent – really enjoying them! The titles I’ve got are as follows: The Saladin in Detail costs £17 The Dingo in Detail is £16 The Ferret in Detail costs £27 The Centurion in Detail Part 1 (Mk3, 5 and 6) costs £24 The Centurion in Detail Part 2 (Mk12, ARV, AVRE-165 +) costs £23 I also have a handful of Pat Ware’s top Ferret book, ‘The FV700 series in British Army Service’, at £69 and one copy of Bill Munro’s ‘Alvis Saracen Family’ at £35. Again, these are brand new. All these prices exclude postage. If you’d like any copies or more info, please PM me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com – and please do let me know which country you’re based in, so I can let you know the cost for postage too. Any questions, do please give me a shout, cheers, Graham
  11. I am trying to remove the rear vision flaps on my 1954 Daimler Ferret Mk1, so I can get into the nooks and crannies and clean and paint the inside.I have three of the four pins out; however I am having trouble freeing up the upper outside pin. I have tried WD-40, and tapping it with a hammer; however, it doe not seem to want to budge.I want to see if anyone happens to know a trick to removing this that I may not know about before I try the rougher methods of; heat the hinge with a torch, or grinding the ends off and driving it out. I would rather not have to track down, or make, a replacement.
  12. Hi Guys. I have got a few copies of the following ‘In Detail’ books going spare if anyone is interested. The titles I've got are as follows:☺ The Ferret in Detail costs £27The Saladin in Detail costs £17The Dingo in Detail is £16 If there are other titles that you'd be interested in, please do let me know. I also have some copies of Pat Ware’s Ferret book left at £59. All these prices exclude postage and if you’d like any copies or if you have any questions, please message me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com All my best Graham
  13. Hi guys. I was lucky enough to secure a consignment of Pat Ware’s excellent book ‘Ferret: The FV700 Series in British Army Service’ and a few copies left. Although published in 1997, these are un-opened and in BRAND NEW condition. The price is £59.00 plus postage and packing. If you'd like a copy, please email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com or Message me for bank details for payment etc. Many thanks Graham
  14. So, I have two plug removal tools in my possession. One for sure is the Ferret fluid flywheel tool, in these photos it is the lower one and the one with the external hex shape on the end. The other one is of the same style of design but the plug it removes is a larger one and the tool has a different FV number. What is this other tool for, I would love to know as it is driving me potty
  16. Hi Could anyone clear something up for me. Post 1997 standard car Licence 1954 Daimler Ferret Mk1 which weighs around 3.7ton As it stands is it legal to drive the Ferret on this licence? Also any other potential issues/pitfalls? Many Thanks.
  17. Having just stripped out the fuel lines and filter I have found a pile of goo and other mess in the Vokes fuel filter and in the Banjo filter at the carb. All of this is making me think I need to clean out the tank. How does one get it out? Turret removal? If one pulls it back into the seating area how easy is it to clean ? Can it be drained and cleaned in situ? In addition the carb looks very black and dirty. Any ideas welcomed.## Peter
  18. Good Evening all, Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I bought a 1963 Mk1 Ferret just over a year ago. I'm having great fun keeping it going, and recreating what I remember of these vehicles from my youth when my father was attached to 4RTR in Hohne. Lots of good stuff on this forum which has been very useful so far - thank you! Howard.
  19. We have probable one of the nicest, well maintained Whistlers about, and can be seen at this years W&P. Life is too short to stockpile vehicles, so we're thinking of trading it for a Ferret or similarly interesting military vehicle. ours is spotlessly maintained, and fully roadworthy, yours needs to be in similar condition. Pictures on request to serious enquirers. Si 07702 185604
  20. Hi all I have ferret which I am about to start restoring. The ferret is not currently registered with the dvla , and I am wondering what is the best time to try and get the ferret registered. Its currently not running, and no electrics are working. I suppose question is does it need to be road worthy before attempting to get the vehicle registered or is it good enough just to be a fairly complete vehicle ? any advice would be great. Cheers Darren
  21. I have recently got myself a ferret project, it was a restored vehicle but unfortunately the shed where it was stored caught fire and caused a lot of cosmetic damage, as well as melting a good part of the wiring loom. The owner then dragged it outside where it sat in the weather for quite a few years, this has caused more damage than the fire. I have been working towards getting it running and driving, just to make sure I have a good gearbox and engine before I strip it down completely for restoration. I have freed up the frozen pedals and got the engine running and have started on the gearbox. Opening the top cover of the box reveals very clean internals with very little rust, this was a nice surprise. That's where the good news stopped though as the gear change pedal doesn't seem to do anything, I can move the gear change lever on the side of the box through it's full range of movement by hand, it is obviously not engaging the busbar. I started to open the side cover where the spring is but got nervous and stopped when there was obviously a lot of spring pressure behind it. Has anyone seen this problem before, or can anyone advise me of how to fix it? Is it possible for the busbar pushrod to fall out of position? With thanks
  22. Last week I bought this 1940 Enfield pistol and had a couple three questions 1.On the back of the grip frame POL LUN is this short for Police London? 2. Was the Enfield pistol used with a Ferret? 3. Was the bobbed hammer double action only model used by tankers?
  23. I am finally starting the removal of the fenders and boxes on my ferret - The question is how does one disconnect the wiring from the junction box on the body for the turn signals, headlight and smoke discharger? Thanks
  24. I didnt think it would be so hard to find but I did locate one finally - 1919 MG mount for my ferret. The barrel and shroud are easy to find here in the US. The ferret came with the GPMG mount and those parts are high dollar here.
  25. Does anyone have a ferret or have ever seen one that has tie down points on the FRONT armour plate just up from the bottom edge? I am not asking about the ones on the sides at the front. I am well familiar with those. Can you post a picture of the vehicle please and do you know its original registration please? Robin
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