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Small arms in the films


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This question stems from the post regarding the Sterling SMG.

The 9mm SMG with the folding stock was used as the weapon in the first Star Wars film, now the fourth.

Do members know of other situations where a weapon was adapted for a different use in a film?

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It happens all the time. One of my favourite movies, Aliens, used a modified Tommy gun with a Remington 870 shotgun mounted under it for the M41A pulse rifle, and an MG42 mounted on a steadicam arm for the smart guns. The officer's sidearm was a H&K VP70.




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Watched a naff film last week, can't even remember what it was about but the guards had AR15s with the hand guards removed. I love watching Star Wars to see the various guns, Stirlingshire, MG34s, Broomhandle mousers, even Obi Wons light sabre has the muzzle booster off a Browning 303 Mk2.

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