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Importing Vehicles (Insurance)


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Does anyone know who/where to go to get insurance for a foreign registered vehicle still abroad, plan is to bring it back to the UK and then register here.

All the companies I have spoken to will not consider it or even issue a cover note


No UK insurance Company will insure a foreign registered vehicle abroad for a UK resident, nor could you arrange local Insurance as your not a resident of the Country, what is the vehicle & which country is it in EU ? I assume you intend to drive the vehicle back to the UK?. It could be insured short term on the Chassis number, but that really is only for registering purposes in the UK. If the current owner/seller cannot drive/deliver it to the ferry then it may have to be transported there and either you meet it at the ferry terminal and drive it on to the ferry, or get it transported door to door.

Otherwise if you want to drive it back you will need something like this, Temporary Export EU number plates with Insurance cover....


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Surley if you own the vehicle you can insure at your home address? It is a legal requirment of all UK policy that there are at least 90 days of coverage in EU countries, so you'd be insured under that to bring it back. The vehicle VR5 or equivalent should be filled in for export so that when you get back to Customs and make the decleration the dreaded VAT is or is not imposed, and you are then covered to drive to home, but no futher, till English registration is obtained. Might be worth talking to an Insurance Brocker rather than a company. They have the specialist knowledge of which company can help. As for VAT, that can be arranged through the shipper. The last time I had to do that the Company rep asked me value on a 1941 Austin K3, I said well that age scrap value perhaps £200? He was quite happy and the VAT was paid , the vehicle released, and I got the hell out of Portsmouth! :D Katy, when I explained she was a bequest and Carol had died over a year and a day before, the reply was personal property no VAT have a safe trip.

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Thanks for the help, the vehicle is in an EU country, I will be investigating all suggestions and report back for others, the web page shown is a good one and will be looking further, only issue with it is that I need to have concluded the sale, I am being cautious and will not part with money till I get the keys and documents

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I recently brought a vehicle back from Holland it had to be de-registered and issued with a white export plate ,to show that the vehicle was leaving the country . Vehicle was delivered to port I insured the vehicle on the VIN number with HIC no problem to drive from point of entry to home .


Then I contacted Notification of vehicle arrival (NOVA) to obtain a exempt from VAT ref number. I tried to do this on line and as with a lot of these government web sites it did not work I got to the submit page to only get a system error .

Trying to phone them was difficult I asked for a good old hand written form to fill in .This I returned and after a frustrating 5 weeks received my NOVA number.


There is 14 days ( as I recall ) to notify NOVA I would do it ASAP , I may have had a bad experience with NOVA ,I probably will be importing another vehicle soon so will be interesting to see if I have the same experience, I hope not .


I had the vehicle MOTd and filled in the V55/5 form as long as you have all the correct paperwork I had no problem with DVLA and received the registration number.

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