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Punblic liability insurance for mv workshop

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It took me ages to find a company that would provide PLI for my non-commercial workshop unit. No problem getting cover if you're running a business, but if it's purely a hobby/non-commercial workshop, most insurers aren't interested.


Googling around, I found a company called Commercial Express that offer a hobby and club policy, and I found another article that said that the policy was suitable for individuals. I gave them a call, but they only deal direct with brokers. They put me in touch with one of their brokers at http://www.insuranceprotector.co.uk/, who were actually really helpful!


The guy at Insurance Protector went back to the underwriters at Commercial Express numerous times to check they were happy with me only being a hobbyist, non-commercial entity, and even got them to change the wording on one of their standard welding clauses (a bit hard to have a designated firewatcher when you work on your own!).


In the end they arranged liability cover on their liability (per capita) policy, customised to what I wanted.


I ended up with £1m of PLI cover for £270/year.


Hope that helps!




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It's worth trying Walker Midgley, they do liability insurance for stuff you have machined in your own workshop, steam engines, workshops and all sorts. And they are very helpful, they may do something suitable.




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