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  1. I think I described my unit as a non-commercial hobby workshop, or something similar. The magic words to mention to the Council are Small Business Rates Relief – https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-business-rate-relief/small-business-rate-relief. There's a link to apply for it on there. It doesn't matter that you're not a business, just that the building has a business rateable value. Assuming that you've just got the one unit and its rateable value is less than £15k, then you get 100% relief, paying nothing.
  2. Took me ages to find insurance for my rented unit. Plenty of options if I was using it for commercial purposes, but as soon as I mentioned it was for private use only, insurers didn't want to know. In the end, I found https://www.insuranceprotector.co.uk/ and have been with them for several years now, though I've never had to make a claim. The policy they sorted out for me is with Commercial Express, and they were happy to amend some of the clauses, like allowing me to weld on my own without a second person as a fire watcher.
  3. Welcome aboard John! A familiar name from the mig welding forum :wave:
  4. Hi Hugo, I had no idea what they were at the time, but I admired quite a few Pragas when I was in Prague a few years ago. There was quite a bit of work going on with the tramlines, and they were in abundance. That mobile workshop is very tempting! Dan
  5. It took me ages to find a company that would provide PLI for my non-commercial workshop unit. No problem getting cover if you're running a business, but if it's purely a hobby/non-commercial workshop, most insurers aren't interested. Googling around, I found a company called Commercial Express that offer a hobby and club policy, and I found another article that said that the policy was suitable for individuals. I gave them a call, but they only deal direct with brokers. They put me in touch with one of their brokers at http://www.insuranceprotector.co.uk/, who were actually really helpful! The guy at Insurance Protector went back to the underwriters at Commercial Express numerous times to check they were happy with me only being a hobbyist, non-commercial entity, and even got them to change the wording on one of their standard welding clauses (a bit hard to have a designated firewatcher when you work on your own!). In the end they arranged liability cover on their liability (per capita) policy, customised to what I wanted. I ended up with £1m of PLI cover for £270/year. Hope that helps! Dan
  6. You can submit feedback on the proposed legislation directly to the European Commission - https://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regdoc/?fuseaction=feedback&docId=3085376&language=en]EU Here're the instructions that BASC have sent round: In the boxes for completing personal details, in the first box “Representing” choose ‘citizen’ if writing as an individual, ‘company’ if representing a trade interest and ‘Non-governmental organisation’ if responding for a club or association. In the main feedback box we suggest you ‘cut and paste’ the following text: <snipped> Once the text is inserted, the next box allows you to attach a document. There is no requirement to do so. The next box asks you to choose whether or not your feedback will be published anonymously or with your name. Once you’ve copied the numbers in the ‘captcha’ field, remember to tick the box confirming that you’ve read and agree with the personal data treatment provisions which confirm that the EU will respect user privacy. Finally, click on ‘Send your feedback’.
  7. BASC are lobbying against this too - http://basc.org.uk/blog/press-releases/latest-news/qa-european-commission-proposals-for-amending-the-firearms-directive/
  8. Daughter? First I've heard of that! :laugh: My Dad was a teacher there 30-odd years ago, back when Hugh Rowlands was the head.
  9. I know Mow Cop well - I went to Castle Primary and my Dad taught there for years. That's an impressive collection of 101s! I was in the 101 owners club for a few years when I was thinking of getting one. Still tempted by a radio body! Dan
  10. Doh, I know they've not got many smaller units down there - just depends what they've got available when you ask. If I think of anywhere else to try, I'll let you know. Dan
  11. You could always try asking if there are any suitable units on the Radway Green industrial estate near Alsager. I've got a small workshop on there, but no spare space! Nice and secure though. Dawn is the site manager there - tel:01270 884484 Dan
  12. Hi everyone :wave: I'm Dan from a little place called Alsager, a place probably best known for Twyfords toilets and the Radway Green munitions factory. I've always had a thing for military vehicles since clambering over them at Congleton carnivals as a little boy. I've got a small workshop on the Radway Green industrial estate and I'm currently working on a Toyota Hilux Surf V8 conversion. Maybe that counts as a Taliban vehicle! I'll get a 'proper' military vehicle one day, but at the moment, I'm learning lots just reading about the restorations that people are doing on here. Dan
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