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Ferret exhaust pipe leaks


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The 2 pipes from the exhaust manifold outlet that go to the elbow that bolts to the inside hull on my ferret leak at the joints. It seems to just be 2 pipes with flared ends that fit into the elbow and manifold. Is there a gasket or sealant or something that helps this system seal?

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Great question, it is a common one asked by newcomers to the Ferret world.


The basic concept that I am led to understand by those who told me is that the two tubes are supposed to expand and make a tight fit but still allow for hull flexing.


Frankly it is old technology if you ask me and in today's world if it were designed all over again I think you would find a stainless flex piece in it's place.


I have seen and experienced mechanics refusing to issue a safety inspection certificate because of the leak and I have always argued that the flow of air is through the vehicle out of the back and the engine decks are not sealed so the idea of being overcome by exhaust fumes is not one that I see as very credible.


I think Ferrets are long enough in the tooth now that those tubes have lost their ability to fit properly and I have seen many attempts to fix them that do not work. I think it is a question of returning things to their original fit tolerances or a work around.


I am no expert and don't claim to know everything, it is just my view. Others will be along soon to offer their 2 cents worth



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I will most likely have the same issue with mine now that I've put the engine back. Being in the building trade, I build a lot of fire places and use fire rope for a gasket between the cast iron fire surround and the fire back. This comes in a variety of thicknesses. I will be trying this out with some fire cement and if it works OK will let all know.

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ALL parts are available, 2 pipes,1 elbow,and gaskets,one per side,little bit of jointing compound,keep it original.

the elbow can crack,make sure you clean both sides of the hull,before refitting gaskets,nothing worse than finding you have a small blow.



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