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I came by a GEC "Laptop" which is actually a BATES successor system LACS - it wasnt 100% well but I was able to capture some screens and info at http://www.g0ozs.org/misc/LACS/index.html - there is also quite a lot of historic info on an Australian web site at http://nigelef.tripod.com/fc_computer.htm#BATES


I got some way towards writing a set of DOS batch files to provide a set of screens for demo purposes without the comms part of BATES running (the unit I have seemed able to load an application image into the daughter board with the 80186 CPU and present configuration screens, but not do much more without the equipment that connected to the ports on the back).


I guess you would need a gun display unit and the network interface box for an Abbot ?





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Andy not specifically but BATES AESPs start at 7010-C up into 7035-C. I notice some BATES installations are used in MLRS, so perhaps info may be a bit thin on the ground?


The MLRS installation was the simplest of the lot since MLRS did its own on-board calculation of firing data, just an NIE between the radio and FC computer. BATES used the standard MLRS message set for this, not BATES type messages.

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