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Hi all i,m andy mac 20 years in the army reserve,s REME my weakness is landrover discoverys, has been for the last 15 years, would have been defender but bit more expensive.


Worked on most military kit couple of tours of IRAQ divorced, new partner steph is awesome she,s ex reg into landys and every thing green not the tipical bird not into shopping or all that ****e, one of the lads really think i,m quite lucky.


Steph has just come onboard with my new purchase which is a bit bigger than a landrover some say it,s the perfect vehicle for the family others not, the awesome hard to work on troublesome alvis stalwart, watch this space:red:


Anyhow thats abit about me.

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Always good to have another REME member on the forum. Discovery's and Defenders keep me busy, Stalwart's are more entertaining for sure, if that's the right word. Good luck, you'll find lot's of helpful info and folk on the forum.



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Hi Andy and welcome to the site. You will find a great wealth of knowledge from the guys on this site. Hope to see some pics soon. My passion is 'Ferrets' just bought one from a guy off this site. Now the fun starts. Lucky you with the wife, mines not to bad as her farther was a driver in the RAF out in the Middle East & her mother was in the Land Army so good connection to all things military. Enjoy the site.


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