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Hello from rural S Leicestershire


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I thought that as a new member of this forum I ought to introduce myself and confess that I, unfortunately do not own, and probably never will, an actual vehicle which would be of interest here. However I am interested in Scammells particularly the Pioneer as used in WW2.


My father was a REME driver in the N African campaign and drove a Pioneer tank transporter for most of that time. He later was sent to the Italy campaign and took part in the activities around Monte Casino. Unfortunately he is no longer with us and I never managed to get him to talk about his service except for a few relatively humorous anecdotes. I regret not getting him to discuss his service in the Army but that cannot be helped now, all I have are a few memento e.g. his service book and demob papers which rate him as an excellent Class ! driver. In his memory I model the vehicles that he drove, in a N African setting and camouflage colours. However, now retired with have time on my hands and some skills I intend to scratch build a large scale model of a Pioneer Tractor if only to pass on to my son, who loved the old boy to bits.


I Live in S Leicestershire now and would love to own an original vehicle but I do not have the room or facilities to do it justice. However I hope that with perhaps help from this forum, especially the photographs and perhaps help in locating scale drawings, I may just get to complete my model.


Terry D

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Hello Terry,


It seems we have similar interests. My father entered boy service in the early 1940s and went on to serve in the REME until 1968. I recall him bringing a Scammell home on a couple of occasions to have a hurried snack and cup of tea before setting off on an evening recovery job. I was allowed to sit in the cab and keep watch (under dire warning not to fiddle with anything) while he had his tea and the reward was a ride down to the main road. Probably all against Queens Regulations, but it was a very long time ago. Sadly he passed away before reaching retirement and like yours, spoke little of his experiences, other than the humourous ones.


Regarding scale drawings. You might like to try googling "scammell scale drawings free". This should take to a modelers tribute forum to a well-known British firm, where you might find something useful. (Dear moderator, hope this doesn't infringe any rules, but please let me know if I have strayed)


I wish you the best with your Pioneer project. It sounds like a fitting tribute to your father and all who served in them during difficult times.





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